Stop hard coding urls in WordPress templates

A common mistake I come across when I’m working on WordPress themes is site urls and directory paths hard coded into template files. This is bad practice because if the site’s domain name ever changes, or if the theme is reused on another website, the urls won’t work.


How to create a custom search form in WordPress

I frequently come across WordPress themes where the developer has customized the site search form by hacking the WordPress core. Rookie mistake. Here’s the right way to give your theme a custom search form.


Display your latest tweets with the new Twitter API v1.1

On June 11, 2013 Twitter retired v1 of its API. If you display a Twitter feed on your WordPress website you need to upgrade to v1.1, otherwise the feed will stop working. If you rely on a plugin to display the Twitter feed, you don’t need to wait for the developer to get around to updating it. Disable the plugin …


Copy your WordPress site to a local server for development and testing

Creating a copy of your WordPress website on a local server is useful for developing and testing changes to the site before they go live. It also serves as a decent backup should anything bad happen to the public site. Making an exact copy of an existing website can be tricky, though. I’ve done it for a number of client …